maandag 11 augustus 2014

My 25th Birthday.

I had such an amazing birthday this year!
I celebrated it for three days. The first day, on my birthday itself, I went to London with my boyfriend. If you follow my blog, you know I absolutely LOVE London.My boyfriend really spoiled me that day. After hours of shopping, we had dinner at Inamo, a restaurant in Soho where they serve food with influences from Japan, China, Thailand, Korea and beyond. You place orders from an illustrated food and drinks menu projected on to the table surface. You'll set the mood, discover the local neighbourhood, and even order a taxi home. I was exhausted when I was back in Belgium, but it was worth it. The second day I had a little family 'party', it's a tradition we do every year. They really did their best this year, I had the best presents ever and my birthday cake was amazing! The third day I had some drinks with my friends and went to a disco. Here are some pictures of my birthday days! :)

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