vrijdag 26 mei 2017

Beauty: Mythic Oil.

I can't imagine living without these products anymore. I discovered the Mythic oil from L'Oréal about a year ago, and I immediately loved it. That was the huile originale, this contains argan oil and makes your hair soft and shiny. What I also like so much about this oil is the smell, so good!
I was very pleased when I received a press mail that there is a new range for this year. huile radiance, this is especially for colored hair and contains argan oil and cranberry oil.
You have the Huile Richesse with apricots- and argan oil. This oil is especially for rebellious hair, and soothe and nourish the hair. Last but not least, the huile scintallante. This is with sesame and almond oil and is for the hair but also for your body. There is a beautiful shimmer in the oil for that extra effect!
Believe me, this oil is well worth the try!!! You can buy them in the L'oréal Professionnal hair salons for €27,40.

maandag 22 mei 2017

Outfit: Meet @Arvindanvers

Meet my boyfriend! If you follow me on instagram you probably saw @Arvindanvers already. I finally convinced him to stand in front of the camera instead of behind it! He is my photographer, but now we switched roles and the result is pretty cool, I think. Meanwhile, I also turned him into a real instagram addict, haha. I think it's so cool that we can do this together so from now on you will see him occasionally appear on my blog. He often goes for the looks with a tough edge like you see here, but you can just as well find him in a more classic look. I hope you like to see some men fashion as well on Fashionvitamins!

donderdag 18 mei 2017

Outfit: Unusual.

Nowadays I wear less and less black and you see a lot of blue and pink in my outfits . Here I'm wearing my Unusual by Dai shirt. That name probably doesn't ring a bell because it is a fairly new Dutch clothing brand. I'm already a huge fan! Currently they have the ' Thunder ' collection. A collection with some cool rock shirts, biker jackets and also dresses with a tough edge! So cool. I wearing the ' Sharon ' shirt here. A shirt with a tough edge but in pastel colours, perfect match!

The shirt also matches perfectly with my light pink blazer and new silver loafers. Perfect for a sunny day out in the city! What do you guys think of this brand?