zondag 30 september 2018

Bra party @ Hunkemöller

It's that time again, Bra party at Hunkemöller! If you buy a bra at Hunkemöller you get the 3rd bra for free or the 2nd bra with a 50% discount. Great deal, right? We all need them, and you can never have enough. At least that's how I think about it. I worked in a lingerie shop for  2 years, so I already collected a whole collection over the years, but my preference  still goes to Hunkemöller. There's always something that I like (also usually way too much, haha) and they help you so well. I'll show you guys my favorite Bras, and believe me it was not an easy choice!

Tip: has nothing to do with Bras, but try the perfume ' Noir ' of Hunkemöller when you get there. All time favourite!

woensdag 26 september 2018

Outfit: Tartan coat.

Autumn is officially in town! I have to say that I am very happy about that. We had such a beautiful and long summer this year, but I really couldn't wait to wear my cozy sweaters and coats again! Last weekend it was finally 'coat weather' and I pulled out my latest addition : a jacket with tartan print. Who follows me knows that I rarely wear red. I've always felt that red really is not my color, but when I saw this jacket I decided to give it a try. This jacket is a real eye catcher, so I combined it with a very basic look. I also wear my new Exit boots here. I was looking for new basic flat boots for a while now. I found them at Exit shoes! It's really a 'musthave' for me. I am really super happy with them, because believe it or not but it is enormously difficult to find basic boots with a pointy tip!

dinsdag 28 augustus 2018

Outfit: Fall is coming..

September is almost here, That means Autumn is approaching again. I really like this time of the year. Especially for my outfits. The collections for upcoming season look super cool. Many faux fur, Teddy's and lots of prints. Especially the leopard and snake print are a big trend next season. I am not too fond of the leopard print, but I really love the snake print! I already bought some items with this print. Are you also in the mood for some Fall shopping? I know I am!

Currently it is still just a little too hot for faux fur and Teddy's so I pulled out my blazer out of the closet again. Ideal weather for that now! I combined the blazer with gold accessories, slingback heels and my latest Chloé bag. Currently really my fav, looks good on everything and it is so easy to take with me! Are you excited for Fall?