woensdag 18 juli 2018

Travel: Tenerife.

Who follows me on instagram knows that I've been on holiday in Tenerife. I have never been there, so I was curious to visit Tenerife. I can really recommend it to anyone, and certainly the hotel Jardin Tropical. I found the hotel on instagram, and I really had to go there! Really so beautiful! But as everyone knows not everything you see on instagram looks the same in real life, so I was very curious. Luckily this hotel completely lived up to my expectations. 

I looked forward to this holiday and with a good mood we left that day. Our flight was at 1 pm so we were well rested and ready for it. 4 hours and a half later we arrived at the airport of Tenerife, and that went unfortunately not so smoothly. There was something wrong with the luggage and I think we have waited almost 2 hours for our suitcases. You can imagine that I already got slightly panic attacks by the thought that my bags would not come. Fortunately, after a long wait our suitcases arrived and we could start our holiday!

We were immediately impressed with the hotel, and we were well received with a glass of champagne. Perfect start to the holidays! That evening we went for dinner in one of the hotel's restaurants, Las Rocas. Delicious restaurant with really the best view ever! Not cheap, but it was well worth it!

woensdag 13 juni 2018

Food: Foodbag.be

Time to try something new! As you know I have been testing the Hello Fresh boxes several times , today I try the Foodbag. I have to say that my preference goes out to Foodbag now. The dishes are tastier ( or maybe I just got lucky this week?) and the portions are also bigger. I went for the original box and got 4 delicious meals. The first recipe was a fish cookie with a salad of sweet potato, cucumber and an egg. A lot went wrong here, haha. I'm totally not a kitchen princess, and maybe this was just a little too difficult for me. The result looked not so great, That's why I don't have a picture. Luckily the following recipes went well. The following days there was chicken brochette, pork tenderloin and pad thai on the menu. I really love to eat Pad Thai and it was fun to make this myself for once It was a vegetarian version, not bad but next time I would add some chicken to it. Our ultimate favorite was the pork tenderloin, which we certainly are going to prepare more often! What do you think of the whole foodbox concept? I am really a fan of this kind of stuff, makes life a lot easier!

woensdag 30 mei 2018

Fashion: Nude

It's been a while that I came up with a new look on the blog, time for something new! The sun shines a lot lately in Belgium so the Spring outfits can come out of our closets. This blazer is from last year, but still really one of my favorites. This blazer doesn't need a lot more, a simple tank top underneath it and you still look classy. It has that Balmain look, I think. The jewels are my latest addition and I think you're going to see them a lot more! I searched a long time for a double necklace, and at last I found the perfect one at i. Ma. GiN Jewels. A Belgian brand with really the most beautiful jewels of very good quality. They are incredibly affordable too. The bracelet also comes from this brand. I do like minimalistic jewelry. To top it off I wear nude pumps with an orange sole that matches the blazer! What do you guys think of this look?