woensdag 13 december 2017

Lifestyle: Christmas in Maasmechelen Village.

Christmas is really my favorite time of the year! The streets are filled with Christmas lights, the Christmas markets, buying gifts for your loved ones and then end up spending time together on Christmas eve and new year. I love it! Of course, I really love to do some Christmas shopping, especially at Maasmechelen Village. For those who do not know it, Maasmechelen village is a shopping village with many boutiques with luxury brands at very nice prices. It's always very pretty there. It always reminds me a bit of the cosy streets in Disneyland Paris, but during the Christmas period is it even more beautiful there! They provide the most beautiful Christmas decoration and even fake snow to take super nice pictures in.

Not only can you go shopping in Maasmechelen village, you can eat there as well. I had lunch at Le petit Belge and it was delicious! I went for the pot roast and for dessert a trio of chocolate mousse. So good!

woensdag 29 november 2017

Travel: Hotspot Strogoff Luxembourg.

Usually when I go on holiday/trip, I'm searching on the internet weeks in advance for all the nice places that I really want to visit. This time it was like that too, but I found it pretty hard to find some good places online. So I had no plan! The only thing that I do knew, is that we went shopping, duh! All parkings in the Center were full, so we drove a little further from the Centre and we parked there, to walk to the city and explore the neighbourhood. Good idea, because that's how we found Strogoff. It directly catched our eyes, because the restaurant is on the first floor, and in the window are big letters with lights.

When we entered, we were really surprised how nice this restaurant is. Really every corner, even the toilet, was super Instagrammable! Fortunately the food was also good. It is an Italian restaurant where you can eat super tasty pasta and pizza, but also a good steak. You literally eat your dessert with golden spoons, how fun is that! Later I discovered that they also have a restaurant in Paris, so when I'm in Paris, I will definitely go to Strogoff!