maandag 22 oktober 2018

Fashion: Boots

Besides coats, I can't get enough of boots this season. You can never have enough shoes, right? Even in the summer I like to wear boots. A good pair of biker boots under a dress, I love it!  Next to biker boots, I really love ankle boots, especially with a pointed tip. Black, white, Red, really in each color they are nice. It gives your outfit that extra classy touch, I think.

Again, we can not forget the animal print here. My preference goes more to the snake skin print in shoes. I already have a small collection snake skin print boots. Of course there are some pretty nice leo print boots.

De Bijenkorf is one of my favorite places to shop for shoes. For example, there is already quite a long time a pair on my wish list: The pointy ankle boots from Acne Studios. This season they have this pair also in white. Really super nice. I think I will soon delete it from my list and go buy them. Maybe a Christmas present for myself? I made a selection of my favorite woman shoes from De Bijenkorf. Let's take a look!  Let me know for sure if there is something you like!

donderdag 18 oktober 2018

Fashion: Favorite Winter Coats

As you may know, I really love Autumn/Winter. It is absolutely my favorite season to shop. Unfortunately, I want too much and my shop budget is often too small, lol.

We are mid-October and it's still above 20 degrees, so we still can't wear our coats. That obviously didn't stop me from shopping for new coats. I already have a whole collection new winter coats and my wish list is endless. 

Last year, it was quite difficult to find a nice teddy coat. This year you'll see them everywhere. I love it! The teddy coat is definitely my favorite trend this Winter. I recently purchased a pretty teddy coat from Selected Femme at De Bijenkorf. I was instantly hooked when I saw the jacket on the mannequin. 

Also a nice trend this year are the coats with fringes. You don't see them very often, especially the luxury brands have them in their collection, such as Off White and Max Mara. A coat like that is definitely still on my wish list for this Winter. 
We obviously can't forget the animal print this season! A coat in Leopard print is a real eye-catcher and can't be missing in your closet, right?! I made a selection with my favourite Winter coats from De Bijenkorf. Let's take a look.

zondag 30 september 2018

Bra party @ Hunkemöller

It's that time again, Bra party at Hunkemöller! If you buy a bra at Hunkemöller you get the 3rd bra for free or the 2nd bra with a 50% discount. Great deal, right? We all need them, and you can never have enough. At least that's how I think about it. I worked in a lingerie shop for  2 years, so I already collected a whole collection over the years, but my preference  still goes to Hunkemöller. There's always something that I like (also usually way too much, haha) and they help you so well. I'll show you guys my favorite Bras, and believe me it was not an easy choice!

Tip: has nothing to do with Bras, but try the perfume ' Noir ' of Hunkemöller when you get there. All time favourite!