woensdag 23 mei 2018

Beauty: Remington Air 3D Hair dryer.

I'm someone who is not really into haircare. For example, I use a random hair dryer for years now. Now I use the Remington Air 3D and I have really seen a huge difference. It is not a cheap device, but it's really worth it. To start, my hair is dry in only 5 minutes. I wash my hair daily (I know, not so good!) and an enormous amount of time creeps in to dry it. I think it takes 20-30 minutes to dry it. Believe it or not, but my hair is really dry in 5 minutes now! 

The Air 3D has a 3D air flow which comes together into one powerful air flow in the hair dryer, causing a high wattage is no longer needed.  You can't damage your hair any longer while drying. The 3 temperature settings are completely safe for your hair. The Air 3D also gives you a natural shine because of the shine conditioning technology. Painful arm while drying? This is also a thing of the past because the center of gravity is in the handle instead of the head as with many traditional hair dryers. 

This Air 3D costs €199.99 and comes in a luxurious case with 3 styling attachments with 360 ° rotation during use.

woensdag 16 mei 2018

Fashion: Mother's day with Manfield.

Last weekend it was Mother's day, time to celebrate our mom's! Normally we celebrate Mother's day in Antwerp on 15 August, but this year I decided to join and to treat my mom with a new pair of Manfield shoes. We mostly like the same things. Often you can find me in her dressing to borrow some stuff, and also the other way around. She is my favorite shopping partner! The only thing we don't share are shoes. She always wears heels. No matter what, you will always see her in public  with heels. Pretty, but then again I am just too lazy for that, haha! This time she went again for heels, but a nice comfortable wedge heel in a neutral tone. I went for mules in a nude tone. What do you guys think of our choice?

Vorig weekend was het Moederdag, tijd om mama eens in de bloemetjes te zetten! Normaal vieren we  Moederdag in Antwerpen op 15 Augustus, maar dit jaar besloot ik eens mee te doen en mama te verwennen met een nieuw paar Manfield schoenen. We komen best wel goed overeen op het vlak van mode. Vaak kan je mij dan ook in haar dressing vinden om wat spullen te lenen, en andersom ook. Mama is dan ook mijn favoriete shopping partner! Enkel op het gebied van schoenen verschillen we wel. Mama draagt altijd hakken. Wat dan ook, je zal ze in het openbaar altijd met hakken zien. Heel mooi allemaal, maar daar ben ik dan weer net iets te lui voor, haha! Deze keer ging ze ook weer voor hakken, maar een mooie comfortabele sleehak in een neutrale tint. Ik ging deze keer voor muiltjes met een blok hakje in een nude tint. Wat vinden jullie van onze keuze?

Blazer: Zara
Top: River Island
Jeans: Stradivarius
Bag: Gucci
Shoes: Manfield

Top: Zara
Bag: Gucci
Shoes: Manfield

woensdag 18 april 2018

Travel: One night in Ypres.

Last weekend I went to the historic city Ypres, at the other side of the country. It was my first time there, so I was very curious. On a “regular” citytrip my boyfriend and myself always end up shopping in the city, but this time it was a little bit different. Our weekend kicked off in the Ariane hotel, where we received a very nice reception, the weekend couldn’t have started better!
In the evening we were invited to try “The Table”, a brand new concept in the hotel. Trust me, it’s really worth a try! “The Table” is a big table with seats for 20 people, the top of the table slides between the restaurant and the kitchen. We went for the “complete experience”, which means a 6 course menu with the table looking different with each course. Each course has a different presentation and gives you that “wow” effect. Truly a unique happening. The meals were stunning and tasty from the first course to the last.

Which is also nice about this concept: you are able to meet and conversate with many people you have never met before. It’s remarkable that all those people praised the hotel. Most of them were people from close to Ypres, who frequently visit the hotel and stay there for the night, which says a lot about the hotel. We learned that the kitchen works with local products. For example all the bread is delivered by the local baker. We also learned that the hotel won the price of best “four stars” hotel in Belgium , according to “Trip Advisor” and this for the fifth time in a row. We weren’t surprised at all.

In the morning a delicious breakfast was waiting. Tasty fresh bread, coffee cakes, fresh fruit, cornflakes, muesli and bacon and eggs. You won’t leave the hotel hungry! We regret we couldn’t stay an extra day, but unfortunately we also have a job.
The rest of the day we spent sightseeing. All historic places, like “the Big Market” and the “Meensepoort” are at walking distance from the hotel. We can truly recommend a city trip to Ypres, including a dinner at “The Table” in the Ariane Hotel.